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deep cleveland junkmail oracle is always interested in publishing experimental cleveland-themed free verse, short-short stories, photos & artwork, & poems about d.a. levy; but also any type of experimental poems filled with energy, short-short stories that demonstrate a command of language, one-paragraph prose pieces that hit you over the head like a brick, & abstract photos or artwork, especially by northeast ohio writers.

deep cleveland junkmail oracle is also interested in anything that challenges authority with intellectual stimulation; anything in the mind/body/spirit school of ecstatic expression (i'm particularly interested in new mysticism: nondogmatic nonsectarian hymns of godenergy & universal vibration), as long as the poems are not sentimental or maudlin; or anything in the sweet crazy brawling spirit of american beat literature. no rhyming poetry please!!!

if we really like your stuff, we may pay you for it. but that's not likely, since we need the money for whiskey & beer.

when you submit to dcjo, please include an introduction to your work, state your name, put your work in the body of the message & always send a bio including publishing credits, if any. put the word 'submission' on the subject line. if you MUST send an attachment, only send a microsoft word attachment and make sure your name is included inside along with the material. no rhyming poetry please!!!

by submitting your work to deep cleveland junkmail oracle, you affirm that you are the sole author of the work, and maintain all rights for your work. you also affirm that this work has not been previously published elsewhere either online, in print, or in any other medium, unless that has been disclosed in in advance and secondary publication rights have been agreed upon. if your work is accepted for publication, deep cleveland junkmail oracle acquires first north american serial rights to publish and reproduce your material online, in print, and in audio forms such as electronic file, cassette tape, or CD/CD-ROM multimedia format. after publication, all rights revert back to the author. by submitting material to deep cleveland junkmail oracle, you affirm that you have read and agree to all our submission guidelines. these guidelines are subject to change without notice.  

no rhyming poetry please!!!

deep cleveland junkmail oracle reserves the right to discard without notice those submissions that do not follow our guidelines. send material by e-mail to markk@deepcleveland.com or by snail mail to p.o. box 1025, medina, ohio 44258. no, we can't return your work. but, thanks for asking.


no rhyming poetry please!!!

no rhyming poetry please!!!

no rhyming poetry please!!!

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