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All in all



Seismograph said i had an earth quake today
but i'm not shaking
no cracked pavement scraping my feet
falling in holes
but thats typical
to sunshine
and back again
turning the TV of my life off and on
at home with blue screens
and white noise
alarm clock nuisance
let God wake me up
smack me in the face
big divine hand leaving red marks
handprint scars deserving
or thermometer in my mouth
lips curled around metal plastic
feeling mercury seep into my tongue
liquid death
it all is though
water coursing through veins
on the tip of my speech impediment
in sex
in this crazy life we call civilized
having purpose
cuz we all got paper
and can write down themes
flicking temporal lobe
to see if its still kicking
still born in my womb
batteries not included
or required for that matter
sticking my dick in light sockets for excitement
electricity stitching my fingers together
like needles of childs play


All in All

Open your eyes I think we are saved
Take you damn sunglasses off so we can see the light of God
Dodgin Mac trucks
Don't want to be held responsible yet
Arms above my head in signs of freedom
I don't have to hold onto anything
Hands clasped to particles
Morning dew in-between these toes
But its late afternoon so that must mean I'm sweating
Rehabilitation from what I used to believe
Smacked by ceiling fans
Trying to stand higher than what I deserve
Let the voice ring
Echo down pedestals and soapboxes
Bring everyone on the same level
Fault lines I practice gymnastics in
One handed somersault over the void
What finesse
Score 9.8
Just to slip back down in
Clasping dirt
Looking for vines
Some sign of growth
Plants forcing their heads through concrete
Cuz we all need light
From humans or nature
Bake this skin
Let me be acknowledged by celestial bodies
By hot glowing orbs waiting to fall like condescending remarks
To be punished for all my sacrilege
Or embraced
Just like little children stealing just so there parents would notice them
That's what I'm doing out here
Throwin pebbles into staind glass
Spitting on sacred ground
Trying to excite a reaction
Force fed or not
I really don't care
As long as I get something in this belly
To hold me down to the ground without adhesive
Or the tattooed state of regret
That shit doesn't wash off
Steel wool for the mind
Brillow pad for the soul
Neither working
Underpaid and over influenced
Tell me how it matters
Tell me exactly why I should care
Staring at walls like it held some 3d image
Esoterics in modern day architecture
Find geometry
Rays that join me to you



thin telephone lines
I hate this
That I have to yell justification over crippled birds
Exploding transformers and malcontent
Tape it to the foot and run
Go! GO!
Its almost too late
The snooze button is rising with the tide
Happens twice a day in my soul
Upon waking
And trying to go to sleep without pictures
Haunting dust drawn crevice
Make a etch a sketch out of my mind
Scratchin hemispheres of chalkboards and wall notches
Make it all gingerbread men
Force it down my mouth in miniaturist armies
Salute when its all over I promise
Will have respect for it when its all a postcard
When all these unknown cease to matter
When I find enough religious belief to forget myself
Get lost in mantras and kaleidoscope chords
Not this black light view where everything is the same
Yellow teeth hooded figures of youth
Been following me for so long now
Quit whispering my name
I haven't forgot it or yours
Or what your touch feels like
Chinese water torture hands
Soft but anguish
Knowing what comes next
Cursed with this 3rd eye
Rather be a Cyclops and jump in mosh pits
Bang my head against the wall all day instead of trying to grasp
Figments of light segmented between these hands
Cumulus keep growing
Head erect for rain and I can't even keep the ground down.

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