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v. gatrod
v. gatrod is a stoney poet from rocky river, ohio.

Works on this page:
I Just Want To Drink And Write
The Absent Woman


I Just Want To Drink And Write

I drive to the parking lot
of a park somewhere
far from work
far from home
far from all the people I know
I pour beer into self
purposefully altering consciousness
music boils from the radio
the sun pushes into me
I glance around
sunglasses on
a fugitive
from my other life
I pull the pad out
and spill words
without shame
grasping for


The Absent Woman

Cleveland jazz blowing melancholy
on a Sunday night
gorgeous chords strenuate the air
it's a saxophone blues feeling
I pour luke-warm milked-down coffee
into me stimulating awareness
no sentimental thoughts assuage me
my fingers engage in desultory
activity light a cigarette
the smoke forms visually resonant
clouds in the moody jazz sphere
the arcs and curves of a mature woman
come to mind I visualize her eyes
and sense an equanimity consonant
with my own her very absence
amplifies the bluesy chords in the air
and I am enveloped
in harmonious sadness

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