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maudie moon
maudie moon is a poet from the west park area of cleveland. she has written poems and songs since she was 11 and published 4 books of poetry.

Works on this page:
Celtic Dreams I
Celtic Dreams II (for dad)
Crack in the Heavens


Celtic Dreams I

Lying in the mist of a purple moon
Captured in the exotic whine of the wind
Laying upon velvet dunes
Wondering when wondering when

We are travelers we dance in the stars
Who can hold our secrets, ours?
When upon the earth we dreamed
Only woodland and violet streams

Lying in the mist of a purple moon
On a hot and humid, thick blind night
Oh you came to me in dancing swoons
In the forest in the opaque light

We are travelers doomed to roam
No one can hold us nor keep us still
We leave at dawn go back to our homes
But our houses melt like satin silt

Lying in the mist of a purple moon
I can not find you nor keep you here
Laying upon the velvet dunes
I have no fear, I have no fear


Celtic Dreams II (for dad)

It rose like smoke over a burning castle
It sank like a stone discarded at tide
It was the hope for our future a hope
For us to love and never die

We laid you down in a silver meadow
Christ's arms opened over you wide
My mother gasped, we said "Our Father"
But you were the one who quietly died

I can never leave you I can never stop
I can never stop my tears nor loose hope
Still I am lonely while angels stay by
There is no blue to match your eyes

Rest my sweet and wonderful Father
Cradled in our memories like precious gold
We cannot leave our tents tonight
The fires will collapse in the cold


Crack in the Heavens

It was as if the sun shattered
Stars dropped from the sky
Like expired fireworks
Yet it was day
And we endured
A huge roar of silence
Oh my God, we wept
Speechless, tearless, full of tears
Believing and not believing
The lies that our eyes told us
The sun shattered
The moon moaned
It was the end of an epoch
A rape of our home
Still we move in whispers
We offer humble prayers
Bless these precious souls
We are not innocent anymore.
-- 9-11-01 --

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