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barry l. phillips
barry l. phillips is a cleveland poet with wistful memories of the spontaneous & poetic ranting of 1970s cleveland radio legend murray saul.

Works on this page:
the gospel according to murray


the gospel according to murray

MMS 6 p.m
he'd rant
he'd rave
he'd scream like a banshee
he'd curse that slavedriving Boss
The Maniac in the suit who worked
our poor,young bodies five days a week (barbarian)
That Ogre who made mockery of the term
"Summer Vacation"
MMS 6 p.m
Murray would give us
the diagnosis
Murray would give us
the prescription to cure
"The Summertime Blues"
"Grab you one of those honeys in a skimpy bikini" he'd say
"Roll you some of Mother Natures' herb" he'd say
"AND PARRRTY" he'd preach (and w/such conviction too)
The Gospel According to Murray
Cleveland where have all the goodtimes gone

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