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dr. deborah ferber
when asked, "what do you do?" dr. deborah ferber says she is a "philosopher of life"and that she likes to think about and observe people and events. she was born in frieberg, germany, before moving to the united states, and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in art, sociology, management, psychology and a doctorate in business administration.

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(black forest)
quisine francais


Black Forest

Forest so black that day is night,
Fir trees so high they reach the sky,
Water nymphs and witches too,
First Cuckoo Clocks and artisan shops,
Gourmet foods and Black Forest Ham,
World-renowned schnapps and haps,
Finest wine from all the Rhine,
Medieval towns with running brooks,
Market Platz with only the finest shops,
Churches so old they can't keep out the cold,
Two countries do connect on borders,
Switzerland and France do have a glance,
My Schwartzwald.


Quisine Francais

As valuable as Dorure,
Beautifully presented,
Prepared by Bain - Marie,
Elegantly displayed,
Humorous as pets de nonne,
Light with distinctive taste,
As agile as sauté,
Cuisine enjoyed the world over,
Celebrating victory with La Poulet Marengo,
Masterpiece createions in open minded kitchens,
Honoring guests with Crepe Suzette,
French Cuisine.



New hope for all,
Rich and poor and minorities too,
Human rights and women's rights,
Road Scholar wanting to serve us all,
Secrets forgiven for past discretions,
Smart wife that had a life.

Balanced books and budgets cuts,
Foreign policy preventing genocide,
Markets up and interest rates are down,
Creating a better life for all.

Things were good but not enough,
Lust and lies opening our eyes,
Creating tears of disappointment,
Indiscretions claimed by others,
Should we claim a person fall?
Greatness should be measured,
Love for all.


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