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jonathan barker
jonathan joseph barker was planted up in jersey, rooted straight into the land of canaan, been around twenty years on the outside and 5757 on the inside. the pilgrim's poetry is his walk of life, and he lives by the knife, a surgeon and peaceful warrior in training.

Works on this page:
breathe hard
blue pill, red pill
wandering in the pink



The hermitage of greatness disintegrates in an uproar of comic relief
Eyes crystallize in rhapsody
Stars melt like full-bodied red wine dribbled across the chin
"Where are my knights?
I have come to conquer"
The beat of the heart transcends itself
Galloping known territories and claiming time
Haven't you heard the soft slip of fear sliding in obtuse angles?
Haven't you heard your name whispered without strategy?
It comes in gliding over mirror images of you
of you
of you
Fingers melt into sandy shore lines
Bleeding into boundaries kept by blind men
Forget the light that claims to shine on you
Madness knows no mercy
All will be found out
Given enough


Breathe Hard

You know what you remind me of?
Dreams, lucid dreams
Dreams where dimensions forget they have numbers
Except that of waking, of course
That part hurts sometimes
Hurts bad
And yet, there was you
To soothe, to numb, to lay cold stone eggs in my chest
There are no boundaries of the heart
So breathe hard next you walk
Take in the mountains
Take in the trees
Take in the wayward breeze
And breathe hard with vanishing steps
Breathe hard with passing seas


blue pill, red pill

His fist pushed through liquid boundaries with two pills held
One blue One red
The blue is for waking he said
In cold sweat, delirious, and in fear
The red is for sleeping.
Aware of everything to be aware of
Numb but pleasurable Translucent
The blue is unforgiving
Shoot you into truth and shoot you back
The blue has no name, security, or claim
The red can make your life in one swallow.
Take it down into the hollow
Blue is not for wishing
Blue is for building
In the dark, and in the cold
Exposed in all positions
Knowing only not to swallow
the red


Wandering In The Pink

When will the end of days fall between me?
Today I stood upon rippled waves
Soft pink skyline hues caressed my eyes
Cold sea salt winds dried my lips
I almost began to lose myself into myself
The point where truth splinters into the skin and
happiness cries through you?
I might never know
I stand upon rippled waves
And yet I know already


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