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patrick iberi
patrick iberi, originally from the eastern heartland of nigeria, is a 25-year-old graduate of philosophy who is greatly interested in existentialism. he began writing poetry when he was 13. his hobbies are writing and playing chess.

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Make mine a dying flame
but stoke the ears
of this dying flame
more than just a sacrifice
i am tethered in knots
to whet the god's appetite

Make mine a whirlpool
but prop my floundering strokes
as yet a Jonah
i gloat in the fish's belly
blind to the mysteries
of the ancient sea

Make mine a loud sigh
so you'd feel me wherever
propelling your deflated spirits
high up to the skies
in strange whirls
unlike the rusty vane's

Make mine take root
where nothing grows
where no seed roots
i want to lay atop antills
of secret savannahs
exhaling life's eternal plagues!



Prompted by a million stares
i salivate, i stutter, i speak
words are scarce upon your mirrored gaze
the constant visage of illusion
peering yet again into obscured visions
but seeing nothing
just the mocking blackout
you are derobed time and again
and annointed in the depths of my slumber
where in a hallowed wish;
every lust is primed
how i have beheld the rainbow hue
and in it seen the world's mysteries
break into an old forgotten tune
which beggars and princes have sang
the heart conceals more
long after our eyes agree
images are forever fleeting
and don't ask me why!



Time flies so that
we might learn the ways of the world
and revel in its bounteous gifts
or get lost in sunken hopes
it also flies
in case we attempt
to pause and reminisce
when the anvil itself
like our bold heritage
broke into pieces
who or what'll foretell when?...
perhaps a stitch could sew
all our wishes together
for did time not fly away
so our dreams might not live
but die in the sunset
when time will finally perch
at last!


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