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charlene sieffert
charlene sieffert lives on the west coast of canada, and is working on a bachelors of fine arts when she isn't cycling or swimming. chargirl99@hotmail.com

Works on this page:
mr. r.
end of summer


Mr. R.

before I even met you
I stood before another and
uplifted your name, he was besmirching
I saw you on bended knee before another
I never did tell you - - I see auras
yours was golden at that precise moment
perhaps others saw it too?
therefore the ridicule?
based on a jealousy that they were not golden too?
we met and I immediately thought how much more beautiful you were
in person
I stood before you and shook - so happy, glorious and free - I felt
talking with someone with inner beauty, golden and true, as you
thank you mr. r.,
I continue to return as your friend, I do and I can promse you, I will always
I will be here, for you, not going anywhere, anytime soon, no


End of summer

I saw you
you laughed at me
I drank my mud-brown desire
I stare/watch
your hips, hair, legs
with silent cowardice
as secrets run free with gods



smiles softly
transfixed by him
sleep bittersweet underneath
lavendar-soaked satin
a sensual dance, feels silky
twirling madly - - by desire


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