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joseph blank
"hello, i'm joe blank, a 23-year-old neurotic caucasian living in the horrid suburbs of atlanta, choking on car fumes and progress. i write and work on various visual art projects to quell my junkie need to create. doomist, emotionalist, agnostic, romantic, i paint pictures of the show high up in the nosebleed seats, hoping some truth slips through in translation." joseph_blank@hotmail.com

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thursday's suit


Thursday's Suit

I swallowed some gravel.
Anti-food today, should bury my forks.
Throw out the Dogs
and communicate with Joe McCarthy
these dreams I have
dilapidated houses subconscious pissing.
Suburbs need dusting
penetrating anus of poliiteness
expecting the mail at five.

Holy Union Mother of Crack
beef designers share the metro car
Fuck deliberate sources of income
smile. wave polite
Dementia freeze this suit on me.


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