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michael fitzgerald

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turd dumplings



Level down to the wet flats
And feel the edge of an island sink
Where soft skin breaks
Away from the hard town

People like little pegs in the sand
Wakes caressed and erased
Just a glimmer of the vast
A breath of curve and haze

Come dawdle with man
With his slapping and tears
And his flapping kagool
His precious few years



How sharp your beak tongue cuts
And your bamboo arms work and work
Hurling handfuls of rocksalt hard at me
It is over, if you needed a sign
Look at my straining leash
Look at the carpet worn with the pacing
Look at your pumping veins
bubbling with heat
Look at your poor clawed hands
Look at the shot of us kissing and laughing
Like only those in love can do
See how old that makes you feel
Look at our walls
Bowed in pity


Turd dumplings

Tolerance has never been a problem to me
Not whilst I live alone
When my home is overrun with vermin
Then some ground rules must be observed
1) No grating carrots whilst I watch tv with your skinny little butt going up and down and your dumpling on top like a great turd smelling of marmite and yeast infection the same every evening.
2) No more paintings of your genitalia
3) No more veganism when you have butchered your own cat alive and turned him into a fat eunuch.
4) No more pretentious bullshit over the phone including using your real cackling accent.
5) No more Chinese silk gowns and French fags
6) No more French silk gowns and Chinese fags
7) No more paintings of your genitalia
8) No more turd dumplings
9) No more anthromorphisising the cat
10) No more concentration camp legs
11) No more rice cakes
12) No more of your bigot dad
13) No more ethnic symbols for that is all they are
14) No more Indian ankle charms
15) No more lifts in my car
16) No more barking at the moon
17) No more rabbit pellet droppings
18) No more paintings of your genitalia
19) No more attempts to hide
20) No more doing just your plates and ignoring the rest
21) No more of your wet psuedo non-conformist conspirators
22) No more uniform
23) No more paintings of your genitalia
24) No more turd dumplings
Rules and regulations
Must be observed.


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