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joseph mclaughlin
joseph mclaughlin recently retired as an associate professor of english at stark state college of technology in canton, ohio. his current collection of poems is memory, in your country (pale horse press). recent work has appeared in pif (online) and the formalist.  his short fiction appeared in the fall edition of deep cleveland junkmail oracle

Works on this page:
the storm


the storm

in the gathering gloom
we sat watching
the storm come slowly
up the lake
(murmur of thunder,
flicker of lightning)
then it hit our campsite--
wind and rain
drove us inside
the trailer
over our shoulders
a brilliant skull
flashed a grin in the sky,
lighting the pitiful boats,
campers, docks,
the lake
inspiring us
to a final
as the lightning bolts
crashed around,
our pale bodies



the strawberry moon
    came up red
as a woman's nipple
soon the fog (in modesty)
   enveloped it, hid it
from our eyes
a glimpse of a woman
    dressing, undressing
turning away in surprise

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