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averil bones
averil bones works in the publishing industry in sydney, australia. her work has appeared in many journals and zines including southern ocean review, ygdrasil, aileron, comrades, poetry life & times, fzq, poetrymagazine.com, poetry repair shop, ascent, the indite circle, poets cut, centoria, pale forest, outsider ink, (this) poetry site, dalipyati, zuzu's petals quarterly, free xpression, cerberus, san francisco salvo, dead mule, poetry street corner, and this hard wind. she is a regular contributor to poetry downunder.

Works on this page:
what gary did for kicks


What Gary Did For Kicks

Gary lived in a fibro house
with his folks, who argued,
especially on rainy days.
To make something of
himself, or perhaps because
you've gotta love something
Gary built himself a revved-up
sweet-arsed, hot pink dune buggy
with all the extras, but no roof.
I saw Gary on the freeway
one rainy day, blatting along
at 80ks, while the rest of us
did a hundred and twenty
in our urban sedans. The wind
ripped his hair, and he squinted
to keep driving rain out of his eyes.
I could see the smile that lit up his face.
Blew away all the cobwebs in my car
overtaking Gary in his sweet-arsed
hot pink bug that rainy day when
all he needed for a good time was petrol.

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