Cleveland Poetry Chronology



A Literary Heritage

The city of Cleveland enjoys a storied literary heritage, and in the genre of poetry, its stars shine very bright indeed. From Langston Hughes and Hart Crane to d.a. levy and the Mimeo Revolution poets of the 1960s; from Daniel Thompson to Mary Oliver; from Rita Dove to Richard Howard; from Ray McNiece to Katie Daley, poets with Northeast Ohio connections have been by turns inspired and tormented, driving them to create a vibrant tapestry of words.

The Cleveland Poetry Archive aspires to be the most comprehensive database ever compiled on the poets, poems, poetry books and publishing companies that define the history of Cleveland poetry. It is intended as a historical record, but also as a research and education tool for local high school and college students, or anyone with an interest in poetry.

This site will evolve in three distinct stages, then incrementally after that. The first phase will be comprised of a list of poets and books, a glossary, a standards section, a bibliography and assorted links. The second phase will feature curriculum for use as a teaching tool. The third phase will feature student work, and other archival material.

As with any web site, this is a work in progress. Your input will help make this site the most unique resource of its kind anywhere.

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