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The eVT online bookstore was named in honor of elizabeth van treuren (1910-2003), who in the 1950s operated a mail-order book business out of her home in parma, ohio. she was arrested and hauled off to jail for selling books deemed "obscene" by the local authorities, a dubious distinction she shares with d.a. levy and jim lowell of the asphodel book shop, who suffered the same fate in cleveland a decade later. some of those books, which included titles by j.d. salinger and others, are now considered classics of modern literature. every time you buy a book from the eVT, you not only help the authors represented here, you celebrate both elizabeth van treuren's and your own first-amendment rights.

" action poetry "
literary tribes for the internet age

After a year in production, "Action Poetry: Literary Tribes for the Internet Age", a dynamic new collection of writings from the LitKicks.com community, is now available.

17.95 plus $2 shipping

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" under the map of the world where i sleep "
by drumplay, & featuring cleveland's late great poet laureate daniel thompson

recorded at the spirit of 66 in verviers, belgium, in may 2002, during drumplay's first european tour. the recording includes poems from cleveland's late great poet laureate, daniel thompson.

drumplay is an improvisational percussion ensemble inspired by afro-cuban, brazilian and middle eastern rhythms. whether in performance, workshop or educational presentation, no two drumplay concerts are alike. traditional rhythms, combined with an improvisational bent, bring forth the spirit of something new, and in a jazz way, gives the music more space in which to resound. "under the map of the world where i sleep" was recorded at the spirit of 66 in verviers, belgium, in may 2002, during drumplay's first european tour. the recording includes poems from cleveland's late great poet laureate, daniel thompson, who was a tireless champion of the homeless and downtrodden until his death in 2004. besides this work with drumplay, daniel thompson wrote two books of poetry: "even the broken letters of the heart spell earth", published by bottom dog press; and "famous in the neighborhood", a self-published chapbook.

an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind: poets on 9/11

features poems by over 100 poets from all over America, including deep cleveland junkmail oracle editor mark s kuhar. This important book creates an alternative poetic response to the din of collective madness that has characterized our national dialogue since 9/11/2001. Many of the poets have projected themselves into the minds and bodies of the victims of 9/11, the firemen and policemen who were searching the wreckage of the buildings, those who threw themselves from the World Trade Center's heights and even the hijackers. They express deep emotions and profound thoughts with the severe attention to detail that makes poems revelatory. Upon reading these poems written by so many diverse poets one sees a deepening of perception, of renewed seriousness about the human predicament and about the necessity to evolve into our full humanity. We hope the poems will help readers feel more deeply, and think about our future, and ultimately act to achieve a more peaceful and just world.

Edited by: Allen Cohen and Clive Matson
Foreword by: Michael Parenti

300 pages · paperback

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This Tear is My Poem by Vladimir Swirynsky

In these poems, time is frozen as Swirynsky remember his youth being "forever twenty-two, shirt off/watching them tear down the Stardust Drive-In." Then the poems move toward his experiences in the Vietnam War, then growing older . . . These poems come from the heart, gory and glorious." -- Cathy Sachs

Vladimir makes love to words. Gently, as if each one was a virgin, he lays them out, massaging them into submission, then evokes their full potential in eloquence and truth. -- Cheryl A. Townsend

Implosion Press
4975 Comanche Trail
Stow, OH 44224
Phone: (330) 677-8166
Fax: (330) 677-8166


Tokyo is Burning by Kathy Walker

Whether she's writing about "Monster Island," "Quantum Tunneling" or the "Sting Theory," Kathy Walker writes poems with bite, rhythmic remorse and uncommon wit. In "Pop Culture Romance" she says: I used to love Bugs Bunny/when I was little/I thought I'd marry him/Derrik wants to kill him/Kill da wabbit. That verse is one of many reason why "Tokyo is Burning" makes for an outstanding read.


To buy a copy, e-mail: kathyvirgw@yahoo.com




Descent into Cleveland by Russell Salamon

A must-read for anyone interested in the life of d.a. levy. A poetic romp through 1960s Cleveland, as the author falls in and out of love with people and places, and is haunted by the spirit of levy, his friend and roomate.

Russell Salamon now lives in Los Angeles in a cupboard like a secret brew of herbs saved for the moment of escape. He is a breakout artist, an escape master. He has broken into present time often and carried away the dew from roses and put it on reader's eyebrows. He has been collecting sounds of galloping horses so that he may stampede on your eardrums. An avid collector of reality-in-the-bud before it flowers into cities, he has shaped many a moment into strange aromas and has released them on breezes. If you smell something unusual it may be your hair burning.
-- Jere Matlock, www.wordsinarow.com

$20 for Descent into Cleveland; shipping is included. Order from Russell Salamon directly at 10537 Chandler Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601-2926, 818-761-4568


Neon by Michael Salinger

What happens when a punk grows up? Because that's what happens to Michael Salinger in Neon. What once was a welder's glare efficiently tucked into a Toolbelt of Cynicism has become Neon Has become Art, has become The Thing Illuminated. Of course Salinger is still a punk, too...Only now the work sets out a philosophy. Now he's given you something to hold, to relish, not fear. There's even prose here, sweet and sudden and folksy and smart and full of feeling. He invites you in, not kicks you out. To accomplish this all Salinger has to do was reinvent himself. Neon accomplishes this task. A poet, it seems might just be a punk grown up, and Neon makes a stunning debut.
-- Bob Holman, creator of the PBS documentary, The United States of Poetry

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Milldust and Roses: Memoirs by Larry Smith

"Milldust and Roses is a beautiful tapestry, the substance of which describes an Ohio Valley working-class family from the mid-century onward. Larry Smith is an accomplished poet, teacher, and biographer. But these memoirs are not about his life as a poet, but about the metamorphosis of self and family life in the urban Midwest as he has experienced it. The book is formatted like a family album with wonderful prose snapshots illustrating the town, his growing family, his wife and himself."- Holly Beye

"It is Smith's simple directness, human scale,     and respect for reality that makes Milldust and Roses such a sweet, kind, modest, touching, and unassuming book....It is his simple pride in being 'common' that most touches me about this book and most informs its sweet modesty." - David Budbill

ISBN 1-56439-114-0    152 pgs.   $12.00
(The Writer's Voice/Ridgeway Press; Available through Bottom Dog Press.)

order from Bottom Dog Press


the long march of cleveland edited by bree

this anthology from green panda press contains poems about d.a. levy, cleveland, and a few poems by d.a. levy. lovingly collected by bree, the anthology contains superb illustrations and provacative content. each copy is numbered, and the book has been printed with a variety of covers.

$5.00 each, check or money order

14314 Superior Ave
Cleveland Hts., Ohio 44118


copies also available at Mac's Bac's bookstore, 1820 Coventry Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio & at the venerable Barking Spider




Twist the Axe by Maj Ragain

"There is no book like Twist the Axe. No good book. Maj Ragain's love affair with the horses and luck and life and sweet naming, and betting on the outcome, is just that, exactly, so buy a ticket, buy two, feel what happens."
-Gary Gildner, author of The Bunker in the Parsley Field.

"It's a book about living life fully among others doing the same. The subject is the racetrack, but grace, in its many aspects, turns up in guise after guise. It's a book I bet you'll  enjoy."
-William Pitt Root, author of Trace Elements from a  Recurring Kingdom

168 pgs. Perfect bound. 6 x 9 / ISBN 0-933087-70-5  $10.95

order from Bottom Dog Press

*Note: A special hard cover, limited edition of Twist the Axe has been printed. They are numbered and signed by the author and include an 8 x 10 archival silver print copy of Jim Lang's racing horse photo. $36 (postpaid).

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