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john m. bennett

John M. Bennett has published more than 200 books and chapbooks of poetry, visual poetry, and other materials. Among the most recent are rOlling COMBers (Potes & Poets Press), MAILER LEAVES HAM (Pantograph Press), LOOSE WATCH (Invisible Press), CHAC PROSTIBULARIO (with Ivan Arguelles; Pavement Saw Press), HISTORIETAS ALFABETICAS (Luna Bisonte Prods), and PUBLIC CUBE (Luna Bisonte Prods). He has exhibited and performed word art and visual poetry worldwide. He is editor of the international avant garde journal LOST AND FOUND TIMES, and Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries.







Gu sh

rol l los t
lub e gan

bun g me
lt ed

)clo ud(



abled glow thunder
gag the cubit flaw
,where my sand for
mation ?lob stern
breaking ,just a
"hole" "is left"
.reagent candy
gashed and faltered
,chase my slab too
th a photo burning
.nudge my bread
issue named for you
a spinner in the pie


uf f

slu gs m
e ar mp
it k
ill ed



y n
sL op
e to
)ant s


Fog cage

fog parts dim wrist lighter trees yr hood
darkens clumb raft brimming leg stones have a
twinky drink .your fist or turd bath back
submersive wrench )"boat"( clung the rod stung roof
cancel ,retrogression stink )"backflap"( ah shrug butt locust
!twine mister ,heave broke ,rung boater's last neck
:checking fast bloat ,sung ,smoke leaves' sister whined
focus cut .bugs all flatjacks' think ,exoskeleton's dance
hoof hung "pod the" wrung coat "bench" subversive
stack aft ,word nor list snore "think .blinky
,aw half tones' egg swimming laughter dung .parking
mood ,yr sneeze sight flips ,grin ,dance ,hog
.chase ahead yr finger's loss yr blind page
raced bed or cringing cost :nor spine's cage



dame Meter ,clatter ,nudged foam you shore
huh number ,labels scum the beach .ship
blinks ,the gauge growls horizon's floating grill
)beam compaction( leaf shot your flavors beets
.form cave ,cloud mouth .cliff wrinkle gleam
more falls sample ton of gues you
"see".flap contraption ,drIPping "dripping"new sleep
numb and strangled )"ton gues"( groped your
faucet cave .each stubble each clung rat
beet boiling in yr hat .yr armpit flag
"blinks"or wasn't caulking you ?chewing at
the beach gland your pen's scrotal cushion
metered like yr gas fork's coughing "you"



spun ,lagged ,droned ,tubed ,cloaked ,rent
,plagued ,dross ,meated ,socked ,dumped ,lushed
,thumped ,bloomed ,slabbed ,gushed ,bloat ,spooned
,lugged ,floated ,clowned ,danked ,dead ,hammed
,pool ,flushed ,blendered ,groped ,hand ,fused
,glug ,spent ,dink ,tooted ,plugged ,ran
,proud ,leaked ,mop ,wROTe ,screwed ,went ,hub
,ran .cloud ,mat ,bug ,hem ,rug
fused ,hat ,boom ,sop ,key ,foam
,hammed ,rod ,mud ,cheek ,inflation ,crawl
spooned ,dent ,muscle ,hole ,span ,gut
,lushed ,ball ,bawl ,rant ,itch ,smell
,rent ,speed ,rut ,lamp ,hill ,rash


heap flea

heap flood
bangs rat
gangs nudge
buy rum
sprat heel
calf sung
muy burn
blow bums
drums splat
sums gist
half rent
job spent
stung knob
slat earn
low mist
steel budge
hums hums
blood flea

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich



too sooth

too th ank le ad der mal t omb u r ash
itinerant edge now foraged sponge
s lug g age nt ity e nter min al location
versus nuance engaged preaching humble
f umble ach ing e ngorge nuine ver so
elocution germinal identity argent lug
p lung e for k ak know ledge ner ate nt
rash burn womb thermal rankle sooth

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich

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