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dan smith

dan smith is a reclusive poet who has lived in the cleveland area most of his life, claims he is not well educated but like eric hoffer has made good use of the public library. he enjoys writing poetry as catharsis, & says having read the latest translation of hafiz he finds looking at the world in the sufi way has profoundly changed his life. djkrimbaud@yahoo.com


Peace Photography

no need to check the levels

we are all one light

step out of the shadows

whirl around the sun

dance with the unity

every particle

every wave

speaks I AM

step out

step out




Sound The Silence

I've heard the music
radio, tv
stage & screen
heard the music
move me to dance
laugh & sing
now I long for silence
oceanic cleansing
awash with love
the self quiet at last
beyond the wild call
of the music I've heard
Let the musicians
finish this poem
finish the poem
finish the poem


The Fakirs

The man with the belly full of glass
didn't really have a heart of stone
all he wanted was a friend
to love him for himself
and it's all right there
a world record love
the friend he longs for
offers the wreath
to all who enter
I told him it's no contest
just surrender to joy
give yourself up
to marvels
(you are one yourself)
step into rainbows
play hopscotch
with the sun and moon
your friend knows
how you sparkle
and how he prizes



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