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jen pezzo

has poetry published in tamafyhr mountain poetry and the poet's haven digest. she also has poetry included in the may 1st edition of lily literary review and down in the dirt. you can find other writings by her under the pen name kerowyn rose.


Cemetery Breath

air crisp
night dark
a gusty
lost sighs
with the
remnants of
fallen leaves
around and
about grave
stones and
freshly packed
dirt where
they land
at the black
laced boots
of a weeping


A Picture Portrait

I can capture you
with a pencil.

Restating, focusing,
mapping and intensifying.

Using line, edge,
hatching and crosshatching,

tone, texture,
modeling and shadowing,

structure, movement,
shaping flat space,

making it fit,
drawing out time,

drawing blind,
continuous scroll,

framing, cropping,
designing with shape,

repeating, varying,
contrasting textures,

overlapping forms,
diminishing sizes,

analyzing the light,
and intensifying mood.

Or I can use words.


Nocturnal Myoclonus

every night the succubus begins struggling
as Morpheus arrives to feed my spirit dreams
moving my body with sundry marionette strings
shooting lightning currents through my veins
she devours the nourishment leaving me drained

Abandoned Home

In the scattered foothills
of south-east Ohio a road
curves and bends this way
and that through an autumn
colored forest of trees
shedding leaves over a
crippled house long since
dismembered by shallow
hearted vandals it was once
filled with yesterday's
dreams but now it is only
a home to memories of
children running wild in
the yard as father chops
wood for the fire and mother
knits in her chair by the
hearth where now the sounds
of a stream weeping near-by
and happily chirping birds
fill the crisp air with a
mysterious nostalgia for
the long since departed


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