mark s kuhar


flexible flyer in a pile of junk ,
snow nowhere to be found,
a ghost of lost winter days

a corner shelf in a corner of a barn in a corner of my mind in a corner of a corner
Turn off yr tv set, turn off yr television, turn off yr tv set, they want you to keep it on the spirit of galileo dreams while he rocks, rocks while he dreams
float or you sink, in the well's deep water's while magic twists the afternoon's perceptions into peppermint stick halos flamingo, go pink, pink flamingo, leaving the carpet of grass for points here and beyond
stack me on top of my brother, raise me high toward mountains & vestibules of canyons, high on the spirit of wakan tanka yeah, mack, park the car, disappear into a 1900s reality as real as the gate of time
the riot squard they're restless, they need somewhere to go, as lady & i look out tonight from desolation row vote for you, for me, in the tradition of the people, take back the diabolical core, turn it pure yet again