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The 'deep cleveland poetry project' is a chapbook series designed to generate greater exposure for cleveland's vibrant community of poets. goal: to eventually publish every serious poet in northeast ohio. new chapbooks will be released as time and funds allow. The "partner-in-profit" for the deep cleveland poetry project series is: The Poets & Writers League of Greater Cleveland.



deep cleveland press seeks chapbook submissions from northeast ohio poets for the deep cleveland poetry project. each submission should consist of 20-40 pages of poetry. no restrictions on content or theme, but i dig work characterized by innovative language, expression of mature feeling, complexity of thought & of course, a little neon day-glow madness always helps. experimental poetry encouraged. no rhyming (metered) poetry please, unless the work is is inflamed with pure hip-hop consciousness. a clevelandcentric line of vision is always good. you would make my life infinitely easier if you would submit your work as a MS word attachment & without elaborate line formations that zig-zag down the page. when submitting, please send a bio and publishing credits as well. if i already know your work, sorry for the formality. i'm trying to sound official here.

poets will actually be PAID for their work. imagine that! okay it's not much -- 25 free copies of the chapbook, plus a deep discount to buy more when you run out. i will sell and promote your work on my web site (that's where i make a buck or two), and wherever else i show up in the world. fifty cents from each sale will also be donated to the Poets & Writers League of Greater Cleveland, as part of my "partners-in-profit" good-karma operating philosophy.

by submitting your work to deep cleveland press, you affirm that you are the sole author of the work, and maintain all rights for your work. you also affirm that this work has not been previously published elsewhere either online, in print, or in any other medium, unless that has been disclosed in in advance and secondary publication rights have been agreed upon. if your work is accepted for publication, deep cleveland press acquires first north american serial rights to publish and reproduce your material in print, online, and in audio forms such as electronic file, cassette tape, or CD/CD-ROM multimedia format. by submitting material to deep cleveland press, you affirm that you have read and agree to all our submission guidelines. these guidelines are subject to change without notice.  

query, or send material by e-mail to submissions@deepcleveland.com or by snail mail to p.o. box 435, berea, ohio 44017. no, we can't return your work. but, thanks for asking.

deep cleveland press is a business unit of deep cleveland llc.

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