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mark coburn
washington d.c./baltimore artist and poet mark coburn is known as the wireman. his wire sculptures can be seen at paper rock scissors gallery (www.paperrockscissors.com) and also minas gallery in baltimore. he performs poetry on Tuesday nights at funks coffee house, 1818 eastern ave., fells point, baltimore. his own web site, www.wiremansculptures.com, is coming soon. no larger-size versions of these images are available.

Celtic Man


Great White Shark

Growling Lion

Self Portrait



duane locke
duane locke, a writer, painter and photographer, has had 116 of his photos selected for appearance on e zines. he photographs trash in alleys: moves in close to find beauty in what people have thrown away.


jim kelly
jim kelly, one of the few people in the united states who can speak with dogs using that high pitch that is inaudible to human ears, travels all over the country, and on a recent trip to the famous cadillac ranch near amarillo texas, took these photographs. he says he has no idea how the words deepcleveland.com ended up on the roof of a partially buried cadillac.


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