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duane locke
duane locke, doctor of philosophy in english renaissance literature, professor emeritus of the humanities, was poet in residence at the university of tampa for over 20 years, and has had more than 2,000 of his poems published in more than 500 print magazines such as american poetry review, nation, literary quarterly, black moon, and bitter oleander. he is author of 14 books of poetry, the latest being watching wisteria (vida publishing, www.vidapublishing.com). also a painter and photographer, he now lives alone in a two-story decaying house in the sunny tampa slums. his recreational activities are drinking wine, listening to old operas and reading postmodern philosophy.

white mud
a philosopher, a girl's hair
lustful philosophers
philosophers in bedrooms
hedonism, handlebars, opened roof cars and walking


angelle chapuis
angelle chapuis, is a 19-year-old college junior. she has been pubished in ellipsis, the university of new orleans' literary journal.

a letter to mr. alligator, concerning thanks for his assistance
the people at the bus stop; or, the unfairness of modern american society
cinderella's gone mad!


anetra clark
anetra clark lives in kalamazoo, mich. a writer/musician, she is heavily influenced by beat literature, surrealism, independent movies, punk and jazz. she has played the drums since age three, and plays with the local kalamazoo punk band buddhachrist.

the rogue saints
subterranean rats
winter midnight
breakfast metaphysics


jarret keene
the son of a tampa firefighter, jarret keene was born in 1973. his debut collection of poems, monster fashion, is forthcoming from manic d press. he is a professor at university of nevada-las vegas.

(more incantations for the death angel) - eastern rectangle (p-block)
requiem for carbon-based life-forms (lyrics & guitar tab)
ladder to zero
shut up in a furnace
saint oxygen novena


joseph mclaughlin
joseph mclaughlin recently retired as an associate professor of english at stark state college of technology in canton, ohio. his current collection of poems is memory, in your country (pale horse press). recent work has appeared in pif (online) and the formalist.  his short fiction appeared in the fall edition of deep cleveland junkmail oracle

the storm


daniel gallik
daniel gallick is one of cleveland's most active & imaginative poets. he co-hosts a live poetry extravaganza called expresso expressions each month at arabica in bainbridge, ohio.

as i age i am a child again and i treat my wife like a lollipop
a short push into the deaths of human beings


joshua klocek
joshua klocek is a 21-year-old poet from naperville, ill. he enjoys abstract painting when he's not delivering the chicago tribune to suburban yuppies.

united nations supply co.
is it up to me?


lydia matisse
lydia matisse is a 19-year-old sophomore at st. edward's university, in austin, texas. a self-proclaimed computer geek, she's been writing poetry since she was 13.

monday morning
raggedy ann


averil bones
averil bones works in the publishing industry in sydney, australia. her work has appeared in many journals and zines including southern ocean review, ygdrasil, aileron, comrades, poetry life & times, fzq, poetrymagazine.com, poetry repair shop, ascent, the indite circle, poets cut, centoria, pale forest, outsider ink, (this) poetry site, dalipyati, zuzu's petals quarterly, free xpression, cerberus, san francisco salvo, dead mule, poetry street corner, and this hard wind. she is a regular contributor to poetry downunder.

what gary did for kicks


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