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"poetry is a snapshot of our spiritual condition -- sometimes it's brokedown & sometimes it's a fine vibration, but it's always perfect & the dharma is always right up ahead." -- markk

LitFix#35. . . august 5, 2009

Check out poems by kevin eberhardt and sean ewashko, plus some miscellaneous art. Drink dry the river, ask not what yr tank can do fr u, but what my thanks can due. speak the outrage. conquer injustice. fish for diamonds. define nothing. --markk

LitFix#34. . . january 16, 2008

rachel a. smith

"Over the past few years I've found myself increasingly drawn to what I've referred to as the cracks between genres of writing, the spaces and gaps in writing practices and their definitions. What makes poetry discernible from prose-poetry and prose-poetry different from prose? If there is such category as prose-poetry, then what maintains prose and poetry as separate genres? More importantly, what use is there in reaffirming these genres as separate entities?  I'm drawn to ideas of how style (by which I mean line breaks, capitalization, punctuation, etc.) functions to blur these definitions. At the same time, I'm fascinated by the political and how it intersects with the cultural, and vice versa.  I've been pulling language from Frazer's The Golden Bough as an exercise or jumping point to explore what is considered “traditional” cultural study within post-9/11 American cultural norms. Americans have followed the lead of an eight year administration that has manipulated language and the practice of communication by creating a new language (or perhaps at least a new way of presenting it) in order to speak of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 and the aftermath that followed in the Middle East and at home. In this vein, it seems fitting to apply a new (or hybrid) writing to reflect this new language we've been forced to use." -- Rachel A. Smith

justin blackburn

has written a little poem about college. read it and weep.


LitFix#33. . . july 7, 2008

wesley durham

is a poet from cleveland. he holds a ba in english from kenyon college and is working toward a master's in professional writing from the university of southern california. several of his poems have appeared in persimmons magazine. He lives in cleveland and los angeles, but then again, who doesn't?

ashlee workman

is a poet from carpentersville, il. she likes to drink. i like to publish her work.


LitFix#32. . . jan 6, 2008

i met pam broido in rhinebeck new york. t.m. gottl is an astonishingly provacotive performer right here in cleveland. ed higgins and patrick ryan dunn sullivan, well, they just showed up in my email one day. happy reading.

pam broido

t.m. gottl

ed higgins

patrick ryan dunn sullivan


LitFix#31. . . feb 17, 2007

poems pomes poemz from the famous and prolific hugh fox, local legends bree, dan smith and j.e. stanley, plus a mountain of flagrant extrapolation, glory & bedlam by others from here and abroad. welcome to deep cleveland. let's go boom.

hugh fox


dan smith

richard krech

mark hartenbach

nathaniel rounds

devin wayne davis

natalie fern bell

j.e. stanley

umesh ghoshdastider


PLUS . . . saved by the psychotropic tempest: a collaboration of wild mind

by markk, dan smith, joanne cornelius, j.e.stanley & jack mcguane

NEW! PixFix . . . abstracts & textures: the photography of marko b. kuhar


LitFix#30. . . nov 13, 2006

we're back, energized by the elections & there's poetry in the air. read on, read on!

priscilla caretto


raud kennedy

doug stone

kenji siratori

mary o'malley

christina rau

jen pezzo

lena dunham


LitFix#29. . . september 11, 2006

On the five-year anniversary of 9/11, i am re-posting NineOneOne: America is Bleeding, which was published on deep cleveland junkmail oracle in the months after the attacks. It is believed to be the first poetry collection on the tragedy published either online or in print.

LitFix#28. . . may 11, 2006

america your strip-searched stars are weeping (love rant #9)

poem by dan smith, art by dave the dov

LitFix#27. . . march 7, 2006

hello! hello! poetry for the soul. stories for the masses. nothing for the faint of heart. open up, open up. let me in.

alison eastley -- she's from downunder. read her work

dan smith -- one of cleveland's finest poets

dave cook -- friend of daniel thompson, clevelander

kevin eberhardt -- backroom bombmaker of poetry

emily laut -- her first published work

chad william lowther -- his first published work (wear asbestos glasses)

n nixon -- no, she is not a crook. read on!

mary o'malley -- gifted local irish muse on display

milos petrovic -- from serbia. dobro!

devin wayne davis -- killer chops.

scott oyen -- these will knock you over the head.

james rauff -- hold onto yr hat. good stuff here.


LitFix#26. . . october 25, 2005

a new update, just in time for d.a. levy's birthday. enjoy poems from regulars, such as richard krech and matthew estvanic, to emerging poets such as wesley teal.

george anderson: Leaving Motueka, New Zealand

matthew estvanic: ohio sonnet * in the light * ohio 5/15/05

andrea kleinhenz: Laundromat Daze:  An “O” Mage to Monique Wittig

richard krech: mortality * valerie solanis and enver hoxha * lavanderie * still life in verse * atmosphere

wesley teal: dandelion rant #1 * of meanings and the things they imply * american golgotha * a fashion after

jennifer vanburen: you don't need a weather man * nothing means * counter balance

ashlee workman: mattress * night life * to save the night * disadvantages

LitFix#25. . . may 11, 2005

the famous louie crew, plus a clevelander, a brit and young man from phoenix.

owen: UNTITLED [5th sept. 04] * PSYCYSMYSTICISM [6th sept. 04] *UNTITLED [18th sept. 04] * UNTITLED [20th sept. 04] * SHADOW[ING][A] SHADOW  [21st sept. 04] * TOY [23rd sept. 04] * DRUNKEN WISH [28th sept. 04]

eric seddon: baptism of desire * incense (in utero) * ascension

sterling f.e.w. barnes: the closet

louie crew: on self publication * lord, last spring *my junky * god made navels

LitFix#24. . . march 9, 2005

a strange brew of established poets, first-timers, college students, housewives & creative crazies.

john bennett: rudder * moo la * aqua tick * sag * collaboration

bree: feathers stuffing * juredine

robert klein engler: late into yazoo city * at the headwaters * lead us not unto temptation * come, we pledge the twilight * requiem approaching mattoon

g.a. morris-michael: colossus * nosferatu in a housecoat * body paint * grooming * count on the maaa-maaa's * another damned ice sculpture * my outrageous beauty

joe edwardson: so very eager to * dreaming of you in a door * owl/mouse * the questioning scent of fish * the old man I * the old man II * the old man III* gar bijart is a tree

LitFix#23. . . jan. 26, 2005

d.a. levy inspired poetry, including the first published work of emily rogers.

dax roman godkin: a torn american flag waving in a strange southern breeze being ripped to shreds by a slippery elm tree

emily rogers: prana * in heaven in hell * why the soul takes a hero * ripoff on a theme * no child left behind

vincent ponka: d.a. levy's buddhist name

LitFix#22 . . . dec. 15, 2004

yeah, yeah, i know, what took me so long. here is some new poetry & it's damn good. so there.

richard krech: a question of molecular structure

christine dutton: strane disease * the tease * unnatural state * 'dis"-function of utopia * peace

dexter zirkle: attention all resident maniacs * it was an astonishing scene at the graveyard
* until, i too, turn ghost

david mccoy: from a dictionary of common beat terms

renee roth: haiku

LitFix#21 . . . june 28, 2004

four poets, for your reading, viewing, listening & learning pleasure, words that fall like hammers & red lips upon the hard skin of the night.

christopher "beef burgandy" robbins: tattletalebraille * in praise of mother

stephen oliver: madam, i'm adam * oh say can you hear

jae ming jue: rain in los angeles * a flat tire * of remorse

c. allen rearick: blackout * self-loathing only brings rebirth * death comes for us all * the past still haunts me

LitFix#20 . . . may 11, 2004

poems by prolific poets & periodic prevaricators. plus, an homage to the late daniel thompson and a new electronic chapbook.

lyn lifshin: i have lost the sound * sleeping with lorca * sultry, humid, running to the metro * it's not even a month * sometimes when i take the escalator deep underground * i think of you buried * like when i read about the other side of the moon landing * trying to write the blue out of me * on air, you faked a warmth * though i didn't see it * in the dream of having too much i have to do * hearing howard stern

curt harler: winter in the midwest * windchimes * changes * writing

louise landes levi: untitled

a requiem for daniel thompson

electronic chapbook:

Linn Poems by Daniel Gallik

LitFix#19 . . . march 25, 2004

art, art & more art, plus a poem or two.

dave pratt: sky traffic

cheryl townsend: nine photos

andrew lundwall: three collages

mark koslow: goldfinch (art) * a brief picture of a goldfinch's life; endangered species; lost canada of my heart (poems)

itFix#18 . . . february 21, 2004

genius young poets & those who came to their art in mysterious ways.

juliet linderman: skinny legs * fat black flies * lonely days

amanda f. korman: ten-eight arrhythmia * want * why wear turquoise underwear * travels with tape

maurice oliver: groundnotes * zeitgeist * orangerie * ulteriorscapes * sightseeing

electronic chapbook:

"We Must Reach For Star Showers In Dreams: (Poetry in the BRIK form)" by frank anthony

itFix#17 . . . january 21, 2004

which way does the sky fall when you're looking down? try these poets on for size.

chris kendalls: jumping the fence * vacancies at the hotel

john m. bennett: 10 poems

lewis lacook: from THE SKY

whitney duvall: chelsea * bound * ashen

rachel kann: the ballad of burbank * maybe,


LitFix#16 . . . december 22, 2003

three poets, who like three kings of the orient, are following the star in the east looking for . . .

matt ameer: the hollow eye * beautiful tomb * the truest revelation

seth tosi mcmillen: eensy weensy * the thoughts the body is naked * free rein * the chisel soul of madness

chris brownsword: bus ride (sheffield at night) * cosmos * whiskey and valium * beneath a sapphire sky * to live as king or corpse * crossroads

itFix#15 . . . december 10, 2003

dcjo is humbled to offer this poem, a harrowing descent into the hell of addiction, from a detroit-area poet who didn't live long enough to write more pieces as powerful as this one.

arthur forrest tull II: heroin the omega

itFix#14 . . . october 30, 2003

richard krech finds his muse again! fresh voices, street poets, first-timers & more

richard krech: virtual justice * boiling water * everything * in the chambers

doug tanoury: at the lake * retail egyptology * venus rising

allison floyd: suicide theater * lately i've fallen in love

michael madean: a drunk and a lonely woman take the plunge

michael lefanto: a van gogh * brizzi's funeral home * alone * epilog on a marriage * vision * 361 cholesterol

dennis mahagin: banishing the snakes * flyers and feedback * slumlord weighs the pros and cons of the last eviction

itFix#13 . . . august 22, 2003

deep cleveland redux! some of our favorite poets return for another shot

john bryan: casual * extramundane * garage habitat * challenger deep * blair witch chair

john sweet: untitled meditation * the woman who loves pain gets married * remembering the age of disease * on being human * poem for poets everywhere * all of the dead philosophers, all of their empty thoughts * philosophy for the drowning

ashlee workman: Sapphires * Famous Bad Habit * The Exit

andrew lundwall: dream sequence antagonized by fear * ecstatic newspaper on an offended holiday * a something spilled * eye on * the desert tremor primordial dawn

LitFix#12 . . . july 23, 2003

poetry like a tourniquet on yr wrist

steve smith: night zero * cannibal saliva * zen over zero * myth amerika * promise land * smith 2003

joanne cornelius: in nyc * with my sisters * 24/7 * dead boyman * just luck * baggie tripping

shane allison: hot coffee in your face * quatrain for david warren frechette * angel in my apartment building (for noel)

itFix#11 . . . june 27, 2003

& now for something totally different

frank anthony; 20 compositions in the new BRIK form

terry boykie: three poems from the collection "the crab sailed over the mountain" by the inventor of slashball, the game for the next 100 years.

itFix#10 . . . may 30, 2003

5ive-minute fiction. a quick read & run.

karen b. golightly: driving home

laurence overmire: hollywood surgeon

gina prodan: traffic hums

andrew rice: a bum rests before dusk

LitFix#9 . . . april 23, 2003

a deep cleveland discovery! this update features the extraordinary poems of 18-year-old new york native lily b. bosman. this is her first published work.

lily b. bosman: a poem * a poem * when i heard you got shot * poem 1 * poem 2 * poem 3: blue trees * poem 4

itFix#8 . . . march 20, 2003

joshua michael stewart: marriage and identity * spork * The lost painting of norman rockwell: american made, 1944 * renga * the great entertainer

don lee: jacket blurb for "how to pick up women in bars and other public places" by dr. Loomis burkhead, ed.d * belly music * october poem * no air on the moon * oceanography of the human heart

corey mesler: execution * theriomorph * the party to celebrate the unfolding

michele mcdonald: solar eclipse


LitFix#7 . . . february 25, 2003

r.a. washington: amenhotep and the hustler of 152nd street * a poem for the boys who die in justice holes * cop-y * letter dun' gone home too late (poem for the soldiers gone) * talkin' to you god

pedro dell: under the world * cleverly disguised

bree: untitled * masturbating the still sit by the ocean in maui, now cleve. * war talk

daniel gallik: how to make the local news show in america * once large, lusty and fullblown * i talk to myselp * mexico

mykel myles: at the war * after the war * american pie (ribs and watermelon)

joshua gage: tupilak in amber * tupilak in charred bone * tupilak in autumn wood

paul skyrm: karuna

barry phillips: a james cagney poem * school day (at the beach) april, 1973 * arizona moon * i'm waiting for the day * angela * the tiger * scarecrows

annie mcmillen: window watching * maybe i really am nuts * a one and a two * more on him * stress * what i say in silence


LitFix#6 . . . january 23, 2003

J/metro: my father had a buddha necklace * bastard chicken * other side of the pipe

cesar cruz: the terrorist

sarah ann eubulus curtice (beast): untitled * always wants more...)

itFix#5 . . . january 7, 2003

simon perchik: three poems

john ian marshall: chincoteague I * compound meter * festival * living in the concrete jungle

dr. nilanshu kumar agarwal: to nur jahan! * to beloved * tempest of passion

christopher white: portrait of the father as a young man * the stranger * mrs. greene you've got a lovely paddle

LitFix#4 . . . december 19, 2002

william allegrezza: to forgive * place * fortuitous * circles abound in answer in a distinguishable place

ashlee workman: codependency * journey * let me

summer rogers: jane doe * litmus test, * bilingual

LitFix#3 . . . november 29, 2002

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